Sunday, August 5, 2007

Back to the lake

We just got back from a weekend at the lake, AGAIN, but this time with great friends the Clark's and also my family, including Paige and her friend Katie. The weather was gorgeous and we were able to get the boat out several times and swim until we were pruned. We LOVE the lake and mainly because it is a place where family and friends are always gathered. Ellery really enjoyed getting to play with little Taylor (15 months) and Emily (3 years). When she first saw Emily she grabbed onto her and would not let go. She definitely liked having a big sister for the weekend.

Ellery was in rare form on our way home from the lake Sunday night. We left at 7pm thinking that she would fall asleep pronto because of her sun-filled, busy day. Well...she did not fall asleep until Katy (which is about 20 minutes from Houston). She was not crying or whining however. She was giggling, singing her "1 Little 2 Little 3 Little Indian Song", and practicing her language skills the entire way. Nathan and I are quite certain she was delirious and we found ourselves laughing as well. It was also in Katy that we discovered we had left something behind. What was it? Not clothes, not a cell phone, not even our dog, but our house keys and garage opener. (We switched cars with my parents so that Ellery could watch videos on the way home and didn't think to switch those things as well). My parents are coming home tomorrow with our car and I am at my parents' house on the computer. And our weekend vacation continues....

Ellery sunning Ellery and Emily

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