Saturday, August 18, 2007

Meet Fatty

This week and weekend have been rather quiet in comparison to the past four. It has actually been nice to relax a little and be at home. We did have some fun tonight dressing up our dog Colby. Ellery found it quite hilarious that he was wearing her top. I don't think Colby thought it was funny at all.

Meet Colby, aka Fatty. I don't think I have ever posted about him but we love our little Colby-man. Before Ellery he was definitely the baby of the family. Everyone said that once she came along he would take a backseat and I refused to believe it. Unfortunately, everyone was correct and the days of taking Colby along with me in the car on "joy" rides to Sonic or to the do-it-yourself doggy wash are over. It makes me a little sad when I think about it, but then I remind myself of all the perks that have been bestowed on C-man since the little drama queen has been around.

He definitely has scored in the food department. All the food that doesn't manage to stay on the highchair tray or in her mouth are his for the taking. He has had the privilege of tasting foods that he never would have if it weren't for E. There is mac and cheese, chicken dogs, peas and an assortment of veggies, and a ton of fruit (although he will not touch bananas, must be the texture). Even an occasional goldfish, cookie, or graham cracker. In addition to food, he now has many more toys at his disposal. His favorites include ducks, anything that squeaks, and balls. He will take the balls and get them stuck under everything - sofas, beds, etc. Ellery and I are constantly retrieving balls for Colby - and yes, it has become a little game for her. It is so funny when she puts her little bottom up in the air and bends down to locate them. I will have to get a picture for you. There are also bubbles. Colby LOVES bubbles and Ellery loves to giggle at Colby trying to catch the bubbles in his mouth. Finally, Colby gets double the treats. Ellery loves to hand Colby's treats to him and has lately been teasing him by showing him his treat and then hiding it, then putting it in front of his face and running away. It is funny but not so nice. As you may have guessed, Colby is putting on some weight these days. We were trying to take him on more walks but that has slowed down since it has been raining and scorching hot here the last month. And not to mention, walking on a leash ranks as one of Colby's least favorite activities. I used to lose my patience with him when I was out pushing the stroller and walking him - he always ended up in the bottom part of the stroller and there I was, pushing my two babies!

I can't say that Colby is super fond of Ellery but she is definitely growing on him everyday. Sometimes when I can't find him anywhere in the house, I will open the door to Ellery's room where she is napping and he will be catching some zzzz's himself.

Ellery leaning in to kiss Colby. Notice her mis-matched pj' the time it is bedtime she has drooled so much on her shirt that it is soaked and we end up changing her. I think we will try starting off with mis-matched pj's after her bath so that by bedtime she will be matching!

We were having fun with Colby outside.

I will leave you with this one...happy girl! Oh and Happy Birthday Poppy!


Kristyn said...

very cute! we can totally identify with all the new toys bella has found. She would live in P's room if she could...and I'm sure she will become P's bff whenever high-chair time comes around. ;)

cindy gatewood said...


Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Poppy! I love the last picture....she knows just how cute she is!

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