Monday, October 10, 2011

Street is ONE!

Dear Street,
You are ONE!
You are such a blessing to us little one. You charm us with your grin and make us laugh at the funny things you do or try to say. You are such a character and it is exciting to watch your big personality unfold.

You haven't stopped moving since day one. You are in constant motion! You don't crawl much at all anymore and your walking gets faster with each passing day. Your vocabulary continues to expand and you make your mama laugh when you try and say words such as "diaper" or "agua".

You love to grab your shoes when you can tell we are headed out the door and are devastated if the trip doesn't include you. You give great kisses and love to clap, especially when I am praising your big brother. Speaking of big brother, you already love to be with him and play side by side. You think your big sister is pretty special too. You are happiest when they are home.

If you go missing during the day, I can usually find you in the pantry signing "eat". You eat so much! You eat just about anything, but your favorites are broccoli and fruit.

Perhaps my favorite thing about you is the way you shower me with love. You are constantly searching for me in a room full of people, you love to stay close when you have just woken up or in the morning when I get you out of bed, and you love to pat me on the back and cup my face in your hands to command my full attention.

We can't imagine life without you. We are thankful for your one year, Street!

{birthday pictures to follow!}


cindy gatewood said...

Happy Birthday to Street!!

Mara said...

Awe! He sounds so sweet. When I was pregnant with my little boy, someone told me that boys are soooo lovable and they are!! My son sounds like Street, but my daughter, not so much. She is affectionate, but nothing like her bro:)

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