Thursday, December 30, 2010

Returning the favor

Nathan and I feel so incredibly blessed to have so many people praying for our boy. It really means the world to us. Please do not stop...we are so desperate for the Lord to do a work in Price. Most days I am full of hope but then I have days like today where I don't want to hope too much as to be disappointed. Does that make sense? As I was rocking Street today, I was praying for Price and for renewed hope. I felt the Lord reminding me that my hope is in Him alone.
But back to the point of this post...we are wondering how can we pray for YOU? Yes, I want to return the prayers. We can never thank y'all enough for interceding for OUR family, and want to so to speak "return the favor".

We are SO blessed with family and friends and people we have not ever met that tell us they are praying for Price and our family...THANK YOU!!

I shared this with my FB friends but here is Price figuring out how to get himself down off the couch. He still can't stand up straight due to his tone, but we will take it! He is so funny...he slides himself down so cautiously until he feels the floor. It is so wonderful to see him heart just bursts.


Marcey said...

I know how great it feels to return favors so here's what y'all can pray for us. Our 8 yr old daughter passed away Jan. 17th 2010. We're about to hit the 1 yr mark and there is a lot of anxiety tied to the whole week (13th through 21st) . Especially pray for David as she had the seizure that took her life on his birthday, the 13th.

Price is really coming along Kristen. It'll be more and more every week. Exciting to watch. Thanks for sharing!

Kristen said...

You got it Marcey!

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