Sunday, September 5, 2010

Someone elses star

I wrote about Price being my star a few posts back.

Well, it turns out someone else thinks he is a star....Miss Rosie.

We started afternoon ABA therapy with Price in addition to his morning speech, PT, and OT. No one recommended it to us and actually one of our therapists discouraged it, saying Price did not need it and it was too intense. I decided on my own, however, that I wanted to give it a try. We had him evaluated and came up with a schedule for him...basically every afternoon for 2 hours. It is intense, but I hear some kids do up to 35 hours a week of ABA. It's a very organized therapy session. Goals are set for Price and organized in a 3 inch binder. These goals include gross motor, fine motor, joint attention, nonverbal imitation, requests, self help, and verbal imitation to name a few. Basically each of his three therapists (Miss Rosie, Miss Erin, and Miss Tranika) follow a very specific program that works on all of these goals. I can at anytime check his binder to see how he is progressing or what they worked on that specific day. Did I mention how much I love the organization?

Well, Price has been doing ABA for 2 weeks now. It breaks my heart at times because I can hear him upstairs crying. The mommy in me wants to go sweep him up in my arms and rescue him, but I know that wouldn't be the best for him. He needs this. So I will just shut myself in my room and pray for him ( a movie with E).

We had our first meeting with the therapists to discuss his progress thus far and I wasn't expecting much. After all, it had only been 2 weeks. To my surprise, he has already mastered many of the small goals they had set for him. These are little, little goals, but the fact that he is already progressing is wonderful. He is sitting unassisted for more than 35 minutes without tiring, has learned to use a spoon pretty well, and mastered the nonverbal imitation goal they set for him. I am encouraged.

The best part was last week when Miss Rosie was here. She had been out the previous week and so she was seeing Price for the first time in almost 2 weeks. She brought him downstairs to me at the end of the session and just raved about how well he is doing. She loves our boy and told me how smart he is. And then she said something that really made me smile. She said he was her star. I just smiled....yes, he's a star alright.


cindy gatewood said...

Price will ALWAYS be my star!


Amanda said...

Yeah! Way to go, Price!

Allison Cattan said...

So of course I have tears in my eyes!
I am so proud of Price.
So glad that ABA is working so well for him!!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

That is great news! I bet it was such an encouragement.

Paige said...

Way to go Pricey!! You ARE a star!

melody mccain dowdy said...

our binder is pretty gi-normous. but it so wonderful to see so many "little goals" turn into MAJOR progress over time! he's a star all right!!! sounds like you have a wonderfully nurturing team on your side! well done mamma!!!

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