Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday thoughts

1. Ellery is really enjoying Pre-K. She loves having a folder that she brings to and from school each day. I love her enthusiasm!
2. I have visions of Price walking out of the little preschool we go to and it brings tears to my eyes. I wish we were making decisions on preschools for him.
3. Instead, we are having to decide if he will be orally sedated or put completely under for his lumbar puncture next Friday.
4. I know what it feels like to get an epidural and the thought of my sweet boy having to undergo this procedure makes my stomach ache.
5. Yes, we are doing another test. We saw another neurologist (this time at Memorial Hermann) and it's something he thinks is worthwhile. I am not so sure about it.
6. Price has been frustrated lately. I am assuming it's because he can't communicate with us. He fists his little hands and shakes them. I remember Ellery doing this too though, so maybe it's just a 2 year old thing.
7. Price has started doing this funny smile when we tell him to smile. I will have to capture it on camera. He loves to make us laugh.
8. This is the first pregnancy that I can't wear my rings and my feet are swollen. Hello water retention.
9. I think it's hilarious when the ladies at the nail salon comment on my belly. They almost always say that I am having a girl which makes me laugh. It's because I am not carrying a cute little basketball. It's more like I'm carrying EVERYWHERE.
10. So I guess it's their nice way of saying I have gained weight on every inch of my body, which sadly is true.
11. I can't believe this little one will be here in about 4 weeks. I am excited, nervous, and excited!

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Tabaitha Kaye said...

Oh girl, I will be praying for Price and you next week during the procedure. Doesn't it just tear your heart into pieces to see them in pain? Mason is having surgery on the 20th to have his tonsils removed and I'm dreading it.

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