Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our priceless Pricey

Price will be 9 months tomorrow, on Nathan and I's 5th wedding anniversary! I cannot believe he is already 9 months!

What can I say about Price except that he is a JOY. I can honestly say that I wasn't so sure about having a boy because for goodness sakes, what does one do with a boy? My family sure doesn't know! All we know are girls. I am still not completely sure what to do with a boy, but I am quickly learning that they are the sweetest, most lovable little things on this earth. I am smitten with my little man, as all my mommy friends of boys said I would be.

Price's smile lights up a room. My mom commented that when Price smiles, his eyes light up as well, and she is right. He has a contagious and manly little laugh. All I have to do is say, "Uh-oh!" and he chuckles. He is such a social guy. If I'm having a conversation with someone, he usually looks right at the other person and utters a "Ga", as if to say hello and include me! Perhaps his favorite person is his sister. When he hears Ellery's voice, he immediately watches her every move. Even though she gets in his face and plays a little rough sometimes with him, he could care less. He adores his big sister and seems so eager to be running and playing with her. They already are playing "screaming" games, seeing who can make the loudest noise.

Price is requiring a little extra attention these days. He has physical therapy twice a week as well as speech therapy twice a week to help him with his motor skills. He is having some muscle tone weakness, which from all my research is common with his little head condition. We have seen two pediatric neurologists over the past two months who have examined our baby and given us excellent reports. My life has drastically changed (as well as Ellery's) because we spend almost every day of the week at a physical therapy center. In fact, Ellery wakes up most days and says, "We are taking Pricey to ther-a-py today." She loves it because she reaps the rewards of his hard work. Price's PT always brings out a lollipop or gum for Ellery. I have met so many new moms at therapy and consider them all my heroes. Some have been bringing their kids there for years. Moms are amazing.

Price is making so much progress and decided that he would officially sit up by himself today. He could sit up for brief periods before now, but wasn't quite sure how to prop his big body with his arms. Well, I guess he decided at 9 months he is finally ready!

Today we had an ENT appointment and found out he will be getting ear tubes next Friday. He has so much fluid build-up in his ears, which is causing him to not hear clearly and be prone to ear infections. Poor dude!

Pricey Ricey, we adore you and think you are the best. For such an easy-going and happy baby, you have turned into Mr. High-Maintenance, but we wouldn't trade it for the world. As I kneel beside your bed and pray for you every night, I am so thankful that I get to be the mama of one sweet little boy!


Amanda said...

Girl, I had no idea you were doing that every day. Bless your heart! You are an AWESOME mommy! Happy 9 months, Pricey!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Happy 9 Months Price! You are one busy lady.

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! and YAY for Price to decide it's time to sit up by himself. It's so funny... when they just decide to do something and then do it like "what's the big deal?" He is so sweet!

jonnyd said...

This is the best part:
"As I kneel beside your bed and pray for you every night, I am so thankful that I get to be the mama of one sweet little boy! "

He is lucky to have such a loving, God-fearing momma.

Christi Bennett said...

Ok, your post just made me cry! Price and Ellery are blessed to have a mom like you!

Lyndsay said...

So glad to hear that he is doing so well! Know that I am always here if you have questions or need anything! As you know I am familiar with the tubes experience and I will say that it is so worth it and I wish that i would have done it sooner for Walker. Take care!

Heather and Mark said...

Happy Anniversary!! Mark and I's anniversary is June 5th and we will also be married for 5 years! How did I not know that we were married so close together?? :) Your children are so cute! About the tubes, mark had that when he was a kid and my niece is getting it done too. Must be somewhat common! You can do it, hang in there! Miss you tons! :)

glenda said...

Kristen, Brings back so many memories when reading about Price. Stephen was so much like him and I think through it all, it made our bond even closer. I am so happy that you were blessed with a son......there is a different bond with a son than with a daughter.....not better....just so different! glenda

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