Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birth and Pet Days

I realize I have been on a blogging hiatus as of late. I promise to do better. Here is a quick post before my busy birthday weekend that I will blog about soon.

This is my birthday present from my mom. It is the dress I came home in from the hospital 30 years ago! Wow. My mom had great taste even in the 70's. I will treasure this forever. My dad gave me a beautiful bracelet that I just adore too.

Last night Nathan brought home a "Colby" cake as an early birthday treat. Ellery thought it was so funny, and the three of us enjoyed some yummy pre-birthday celebration.

Speaking of Colby, Ellery had Pet Day at school on Wednesday. I was a little nervous about her taking him, because he has been known to show his teeth at other animals and little ones. Nathan took him on a leash and he did great. Nathan said Ellery was so proud to walk her dog down the sidewalk and let all of her friends get a good look at him. He even showed off some of his skills - sitting and laying down. What a good boy! Ellery brought him home a ribbon and said he was voted "Cutest Ears"!


The Ward's said...

Happy 30th!

cindy gatewood said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet

I love the cake -- too cute


Mom said...

Happy Birthday sweet friend!
Thinking of you,

Ashley, Bill, and Hunter said...

Happy Birthday!!

Amanda said...

How sweet is that framed dress?!?! My mom gave me a tub of all my old clothes and there was one like that in there. I put Annabeth in it last month and she was so cute. It's fun being girls.

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