Monday, December 22, 2008

A cold weekend

We spent the weekend in Wichita, Kansas visiting my dad's side of the family. We always enjoy catching up with our relatives. My cousins Jill and Jeana are about the same ages as my sister and I so we have always had a great time being together. There was a lot of playing store and rehearsing for the annual Christmas show. Good times.

Unfortunately my family was sick the entire time. It all started with Ellery and by the end of the trip it had managed to spread to Price, Nathan, and I. I am sure it is just a cold but we want to be WELL for Christmas! It is Price's first illness. He is such a sweet boy though even in the midst of not feeling up to par. He still smiled and seemed to enjoy his first plane ride and visit to Kansas. The high one day was 8 degrees! BRRRRR

I didn't feel that well to take pictures or video and am regretting it big time now. Here are a few that I did manage to take.

Mema and Price

And because Jill was looking out for me, she took a few for me as well. Here is Ellery and new member of the family, Harper, who is about 3 1/2 months older than Price.

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