Saturday, June 7, 2008

2 minutes old!

That is how old Ellery will tell you that she is! 2 minutes!
She really won't be two until next Saturday but we did the majority of our celebrating today. She had her birthday party at Pump it Up along with Madi Kate, who turned 2 last week. All of her friends (and ours) and family came to celebrate and I don't think she could have experienced a better time! She even blew out her candle after everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. What a difference a year makes - she had barely started walking and had no clue what was going on at last years festivities. This year, Ellery has been singing Happy Birthday the entire week in anticipation of today.
We did a cute cupcake theme for their party this year. I think Tiffany and I made 62 cupcakes last night and I only came home with about 8! We also made these adorable party favors that I had seen online.

Madi Kate, Avery, and Ellery

Lots of friends!

Party favors for the girls. The boys had the same but in more man-ly colors!

Yummy cupcakes!

After a long nap and after opening gifts, we said goodbye to Bebe and Pops and headed to the Astros game. Ellery seemed to really enjoy it - but maybe it was the nutritious dinner of fries and icecream!

And as if the day couldn't have gotten any better, Ellery used her big girl potty when we got home from the game! I guess she turned 2 minutes old and decided it was time to be a big girl. It was a big day in our house!!

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