Friday, April 25, 2008

Miss Independent

Ellery has started a streak of independence. I mean she has always had it in her, but it is full force these days. Her favorite phrase right now is "No, mommy, no." I don't think it is meant in a mean way, it is just her way of telling me that she can do whatever it is she is doing by herself. And just when I start to get a little sad about it, she screams, "Mommy, I luvvv you."

Getting dressed in the mornings was getting more difficult until one day I told her that Poppy bought the outfit I was wanting her to put on. She got very excited and was dressed in no time. I guess she thought that Poppy bought all of her clothes (which isn't too far-fetched - Lulu and Poppy DO supply us with a lot of her wardrobe), so for the meantime getting dressed is no longer a chore. As we are putting on her clothes, she exclaims in the cutest little voice, "Poppy bought it!"

Today we went to the Children's Museum downtown. I have been meaning to go for the longest time and thought we needed to do it before I am huge and pregnant or with a newborn. We had a great time along with the first graders from my former elementary school, Pattison Elementary. It was so educational and fun at the same time. The highlights were a tots room with a pretend car you could drive as well as pump gas into, a grocery store full of all kinds of food and even checkout lines, and a "makeup" station. Ellery was in her element at the grocery store. She loaded up her basket with fruits, veggies, fish, milk, and eggs. She then emptied them out at the checkout line and paid at the cash register. It was too cute. The whole time I was thinking that I would have LOVED this as a child. Have I ever mentioned that a real cash register and old-fashioned credit card terminals were my favorite toys as a kid?

Pictures to follow!!

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Kristyn said...

Aw, good 'ole Pattison. Do you remember doing a time capsule there? Did they ever open that thing?
Love the new header...very cute!

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