Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Remembering summer {Part 2}

We all participated in Houston Project with our church.

Price did lots of wall standing!

We experimented with rollers and new hair do's

We took a trip to Sun Valley.  Nathan won dad of the year and floated Price around in the freezing water.
Street and Piper enjoyed the sand at Red Fish Lake.

Ellery learned how to ride her bike without training wheels!

We ate lots of good food.  Our favorite was Stanley Baking Co.

Sweet babies

Price and Street loved feeding the horses.  We were afraid they might mistake Street's  little head for a carrot.

We went hiking.
This boy loves all things outdoors.

Brothers throwing rocks

Street put on a performance with a nut and bolt he found.

We love Poppy.

Can I put him in one of these for time out?


Ellery loves the ice skating show.  She took an ice skating lesson this year and did great!

Price started bear crawling on the trip.  Yay!

We might need to get a horse for this boy one day.  Ha!
Love my sister.


cindy gatewood said...

So many fun memories made!

Win said...

Oh my gosh, so many things! Price wall standing, bear crawling, LOVE it. Thank you for sharing. I adore the video. And how cute is Street's hair?! I noticed also, E actually looks a lot like you. Beautiful family.

Mara said...

Love the timeout idea-ha!

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