Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer interview with E

Ellery and and I made a list of about 18 things we wanted to do this summer.  We've marked off all but 4 and we've got less than 2 weeks to fit them in.  An interview is something I added to the list.  Here's my girl's answers.
Favorite color: aquamarine and turquoise  (aquamarine is on an episode of Blue's Clues that we have seen one too many times)
Favorite foods: besides desserts?  cupcakes and mango
Favorite person: God and Jesus
Favorite thing to do: go on vacation
Favorite person to spend time with: my mom and my dad
Favorite Friend: Ella and Madi Kate
Favorite thing to wear: long skirts
Favorite Toy: crafts and dollhouse and legos
Favorite thing about school last year:  being with all of my friends
Favorite thing to do with Mama: go to the library and just lay in bed and watch movies
Favorite thing to do with Dad: going to the movies and chuck e cheese
Favorite thing to do with Price:  love on him
Favorite thing to do with Street:  to think he's cute...squish his face
Favorite movie: Star Wars
Favorite place to visit: Idaho
Favorite Day of summer: my birthday - going to the dinosaur museum and titanic exhibit with mom
Favorite book: my Star Wars book
Favorite trip: when we go to Austin
Favorite day: my birthday
Worst day ever:  when I get in trouble
Something funny that happened to you: when me and Ella were in the car laughing
Something sad: when Empress (my mom's dog) and Papa died
Something happy: when I got my pet fish
What I’m most thankful for: to have a house
My favorite drink:  Sprite, and oh water

{dirt cupcakes were on our list too and we had fun making them today!}
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