Sunday, June 14, 2009

Party time

Ellery had her 3rd birthday party this weekend at Discover gymnastics. She seemed to have a great time, seeing her friends and running wild around the gym. For the second year in a row, we had a combined party for Ellery and Madi Kate. The girls couldn't have looked cuter in their matching leotards and tutus.

The day started out with a hair cut - every girl has to look good for their own party!

The besties - Madi Kate is like a sister to Ellery (maybe the only one she will ever get!)

Everyone who has a party at Discover gets to put their handprint on the wall.

Sliding down from the pit

Stretching - Nathan said that Ellery listened so well to her instructors and wouldn't move to a new piece of equipment until she was told to do so. Why do I have a feeling Price won't be so eager to please?

While the older kids were running around, these two were having some fun of their own. Price loves Emery!

Doing some stretching of his own!

Cake time - each of the kids paraded around the gym to the tune of the Olympic theme (is it called the March of Champions?) and received a medal

Party favors!

At home, opening a few gifts before bedtime

I can't believe these two are 3 years old! Oh, how time flies!


glenda said...

Can't believe she is 3 now! How time has flown! What a beautiful child she is! glenda

Amanda said...

The birthday girls were so cute! Combined parties are the best!

Tiffany said...

That was so much fun!! Our babies...growing up but so incredibly precious and special.

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