Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hurrication 2008

The boys!
Ellery and her new pal Elin taking in the game (For all of my fellow Aggies - just to let you know I have completely given up on my children wearing maroon. Go ahead and call me a two-percenter.)
Ellery spent most of her days outside
Ellery's first time on the "small boat"
Great grandparents!
Thank you Lord that Price was born before all this hurricane madness!
Nathan with Ella and Ellery

Some promised pictures from Hurrication. I know that Hurricane Ike devastated so many people and has inconvenienced many more. In fact, about half of our friends are still without power. Our neighbors had a tree fall through their roof and cause so much water damage that their house will need to be completely rebuilt. It gets even worse - the whole family including two small kids were in the room it fell on. Unbelievable.
I can actually say for us the hurricane brought some much needed rest and relaxation. While I was not sleeping much at night, I had 3 extra people to help out during the day. Ellery could not get enough of Poppy, Lulu, and daddy. We also were able to get together with friends that also evacuated to Austin. We went to a Longhorn game which was a first for Ellery and baby Price, ate LOTS of great food, and even shopped. I feel a little guilty that we had such a wonderful time while so many people were roughing it in Houston.


Tiffany said...

I love all the pics!

thesapp4 said...

The pictures are so cute, despite of all the orange stuff. You have a beautiful family!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Great pictures!

Hayley said...

Kristen, all of the pictures are precious! I cannot get over how much Price looks like Ellery. Hope ya'll are doing well :)

Sarah Durham said...

Hi Kristen! We have never met but my husband and I know Nathan from Abilene days. I found your blog on Hayley's. You have a beautiful family! Please tell Nathan hello for us!
Sarah and Miles Durham

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