Sunday, September 14, 2008


We are on "hurrication" (as Nathan refers to it) in Austin. We left before the hurricane hit and are glad we did. Our neighbors are without water and electricity and could be for awhile according to everything we have heard. We are so glad that everyone we know is safe and secure and blessed that our house did not suffer any damage. Stay tuned!!


jeanaelizabeth said...

Hurrication. hee hee! That sounds so much more exciting than a "staycation" which is all we had time for this year.

Glad you all are doing well--hope things are going well with Price and that you are getting lots of help from parents and grandparents at the lake!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Thanks. Glad to hear you guys are ok and no real damage to your home.

jonnyd said...

Hurrication - I love the Nathanisms. Good stuff. We would've loved to have seen you guys while you were in Austin. Hope the family is doing well.

Lindsay Wagner said...

we are doing our "hurrication" up here in dallas with only 3 days worth of clothes!!! you can only imagine how much laundry i am doing to keep the 3 of us clean! :) glad to hear you guys are up in austin. hopefully we'll both have power back soon and can return home!

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