Thursday, September 4, 2008

School days

Ellery started school yesterday. She was excited to be back at her sweet school and to have graduated from the "baby" class. Last year I could not believe all of the things the teachers said the kids would be doing by the end of the year, and I had the exact same feelings this year.

Notice the carpet burns from nose-diving out of her crib

Peeking at baby Price in his bouncer. Check out her new fall haircut. Daddy took her after school yesterday. He decided it was time for a trim after a chlorine-filled summer.

Our content little man
This morning we tried finger-painting for the first time. That stuff said it was washable but Ellery still has some smurf-looking hands.


Tiffany said... are so brave with that paint and a newborn!!! Kids are looking good as always:)

Boundbrooklane said...

I am so happy for you guys! Price is ADORABLE and what a big school girl! She is beautiful! Can't wait to meet your little one!

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