Tuesday, March 20, 2012

17 1/2 months

fun at the rodeo

first bites of pudding

favorite words: uh-oh, no, bro bro, ebey (for elle), cracker, cookie, big truck, big bus, hewoo (hello), oh ma (oh man), please, dog, bye-bye, nigh-nigh, and of course mama

favorite toys: still the vaccuum cleaner (he calls "vac"), mops, brooms, electrical cords and wires, choo-choo's, puzzles, phones, bubbles

favorite places: driver's seat, back yard, park, Price's school, wuwu's house

favorite books: Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Gorilla, Goodnight Construction Site (got a theme going here)

This kid is a hoot. Our constant entertainer. He's also Bro-bro's best friend and Ellery's follower. Goodness, we love this little face.


cindy gatewood said...

Sweet boy keeps us all entertained!

Paige said...

Happy almost 18 months Streeter!

Paige said...

Happy almost 18 months Streeter!

Meagan said...

His favorite toys list has been in cahoots. He is hilarious.

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