Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween and Hookie

Ellery wanted everyone to be a character from The Wizard of Oz, but the boys (especially one in particular) were not having it. So we improvised and Street was a football player. A football player with one little eye thingy because he tore them off about as soon as I got them on.
Dorothy and Toto. Ellery sang at our church's fall festival and then we came home to trick or treat a little and hang out in our neighborhood. We learned that we don't need to be out after 8pm on Halloween night. Some junior high kid with a "scream" mask, came up and yelled in Ellery's face. I am pretty sure she is scarred.
Hut, hut!
Price refused to change his clothes and then whined when we wouldn't let him go trick or treating. He's also been in time-out two mornings in a row. Yes, I think the "terrific-two's" are hitting us a bit late.
Today, we played hookie from school and I took Ellery and Street to Dewberry Farms. We enjoyed time with friends we haven't seen in awhile and the beautiful weather. Street is in awe of the milking cow in the picture above. He kept saying, "Dog, dog!" He finally got the "moo" down when we were leaving.
Besties forever these two. I pray they always remain close. There is something so special about being friends since birth.
"More, more!"
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