Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun news and better days

Very exciting news - I am going to have a niece! Paige found out yesterday that she is indeed carrying a little girl, something I knew all along. They had a really cute reveal which I'm sure she will blog about. Paige has always been a girly girl, loving pink and all things feminine so a daughter will suit her very well. We always joked that she would have the boys and I would get the girls.

Yesterday was a downer day for me except for the excitement about hearing boy or girl from Paige. I'm not really sure why. I just kept thinking what IF Price never walks or talks. I usually never go there but for some reason yesterday my thoughts were out of control. I kept reciting verses and praying in my head, but by the end of the day I was angry, upset, and honestly throwing myself a real pity party.

But...I woke up with a renewed since of hope. Thank goodness the Lord's mercies are new every morning. And as I sat at therapy for an hour I looked around and was ashamed that I was acting so pitiful. I have so much to be thankful for. Other people have it so much harder, but sometimes that still doesn't make it all okay.

And Price had a great physical therapy session today. His therapist must have known I needed the encouragement. And then there is this picture.

He must have rolled 10 feet to get to this plug. Isn't it crazy just how excited I am about him getting into "trouble"? Seriously, when he tries to Houdini himself out of his stroller, I am praising and encouraging him. I will never complain about my children moving or talking too much. When Ellery is talking my ear off and might be getting slightly annoying (did I just say that?), all I can do is thank the Lord. So thankful and I pray I will keep this perspective.

We are also on day 3 of Price's gluten/casein free diet. So far so good except I messed up Monday night. We tried to eat out at Chuy's and I soon realized that eating out (especially at mexican food restaurants) is really not going to work.


Paige said...

Always praying and thinking about you!! YAY Pricey!!

sarah watson said...

Yea! I really believe Price will walk and talk...and Kameron too, she walks, but she doesn't talk yet either :) I hope you are feeling okay with this pregnancy!! so, so happy for you! love, sarah

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