Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Carried this Christmas

**I debated on posting this. It's sometimes hard for me to discern what to share publically and what not to. I have no problem discussing our lives with others face-to-face, but blogging is different. I guess it came down to the fact that THIS is what is going on in our lives right now, and if I didn't write about this, I don't know exactly what I would write about. I also believe in the power of prayer and it means the world to us to know that people are praying for our boy.

Carried...exactly how I would describe our Christmas this year. Let me rewind. Price had his 15 month check-up about 3 weeks ago and our doctor was less than impressed with his developmental progress. He suggested we see our pediatric neurologist once again and made a phone call. We were able to get in to see him within four days which is pretty much unheard of at Texas Children's. Our neurologist was also less than impressed with Price's progress and reviewed all of his previous imaging and testing results with us. He agreed with us that Price is about 6 months old developmentally, which is a pretty big delay considering he is 16 months old today. He suggested that we start digging deeper into what might be causing Price to lag so far behind. He decided to go ahead with a couple of genetic tests that day and then wants us to consult with a geneticist in the near future.

My heart sank...a genetic condition? Not my Pricey. Not my sweet, laid-back, beautiful boy. Nathan and I checked out at the neurology desk and proceeded to the lab downstairs to have Price's blood drawn. My brain is in such a fog as I start googling the conditions he is being tested for. Conditions that would radically alter our lives and most importantly, Price's life. Conditions that made my heart just ache like it has never ached before. We are told that it would be approximately 2 1/2 weeks until we would hear the results. I immediately think about the next two weeks - Christmas, traveling to see our relatives - joyous times that I look so forward to every year. How would I survive this Christmas season?

Nathan and I headed home and sat in silence for most of the car ride. Price was in the back seat asleep and traumatized as it took the nurses about 45 minutes to draw blood from his little fat arms. He is asleep and oblivious to the sadness that is overwhelming his daddy and I.

You know what though? Christmas WAS joyous, and maybe even more so this year than in the past. I treasured every minute of it, spending extra time kissing on the kids, celebrating every small victory Price has made during his 16 months of life. Christmas was joyous because of what it means - that Christ came as a baby in a manger on that day in Bethlehem. That Christ came to save the world from our sins. That Christ came to one day have a relationship with me. That Christ came to carry me through life when I just didn't feel like and couldn't walk on my own.

This Christmas I was carried by the Lord. I felt his peace, his love, and his closeness. Some days I wanted to curl up in a ball and hide from the world, but He got us through it. One day at a time.
Today we got the call from our neurologist that Price's testing came back negative. Nathan and I just hugged and I shed some tears. We know there are more tests that will be run and that there will be more waiting. But, I am confident that the Lord will be faithful to carry us once again. And while we are praying for Price's complete healing, we know that His plans for Price are perfect in every way.


Lindsay Wagner said...

i am crying with you as i read this post and will be on my knees for price and your family. thank you for sharing your heart...

Soheili Blog said...

thinking and praying for your family. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate your sincerity.

sarah watson said...

thank you :)

praying for MORE good news :)

all is well!

love, sarah

Allison Cattan said...

I have tears in my eyes Kristen.
Price is such a precious boy.
As we discuss all the time, the Lord has amazing plans for our little guys.
2010 is the year of progress!!! :)
love you!

Matt & Leigh Anne said...

Know I think of you often and am praying for you. I know this has to be so hard, but I'm so glad you know who to turn to. We actually went to a geneticist last year for Maylee...everything was fine, but I know how tormenting that is. Hang in there, and as you know..God will uphold you.

Allison said...

K- Thanks for sharing this with us. You put it so beautifully. We continue to pray for you and Pricey and the rest of the family.

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

I am so glad you decided to post this. You know I'm crying reading this. I am so glad you received some good news!!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Praise the Lord that you received good news. I have been praying for all of you for awhile now and will continue to do so. It's so encouraging knowing that God is faithful no matter what. Thank you for sharing and I will have our Sunday School class pray for Price and the rest of you.

Meredith said...

Thanks so much for sharing with all of us from your heart...it was an AWESOME Christmas to just rest and enjoy family...and Pricey is a blessing to this world and my life!

Amanda said...

My heart was hurting so bad just reading this. I was really glad to get to the bottom and read "negative." Thank You, Lord! I'm sorry that you had to go through such a tough emotional time. I will keep praying for you guys. Like Allison said, may 2010 be the year of progress!

Stephen said...
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Katie said...

I can't believe I somehow missed this post. Kristen, I'm so glad you had the courage to post this. We are on our knees in prayer for Price, for the Stedham family and for God's provision in this situation. If I've learned one thing while being pregnant, trying to push away my own anxious doubts and fears, it's that this baby is HIS. Price is HIS, and he has such a great plan for him...to protect, love and nurture him. I hope this gives you a peace to face the next round of testing, and know that we're all surrounding you in prayer!


Lyndsay said...

Thinking and praying for Price and your family. So glad that you received good news.



melanie said...

thanks for this post kristen! i'm glad to know what is going on with price... i miss talking to you in the nursing room at church. i am praying for price and for strength for you.

can't wait to hear about disney world too! ellery's mickey ears are too precious!

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