Monday, October 13, 2008

Jesus is King!

That is what Ellery told us last night as we put her to bed. Love that girl!

This past weekend Nathan went to the Texas/OU game in Dallas and so Ellery, Price, and I spent most of our time with Lulu and Poppy. Aunt Paige was in town which made it extra fun! Ellery spent the night at their house both nights and was a big girl sleeping on the exciting bed Poppy made for her (a mattress on the floor). Lulu, Paige, and I spent Friday night dancing with Ellery and doing the Choo-choo poopy dance. We succeeded in our efforts to get her to poop and as an extra bonus got a little workout in ourselves. Yes, she is still having issues!
Price is growing so fast and little rolls are now evident all over his arms and legs. I love it! He slept his longest stretch ever last night - going to bed at 9:30pm and sleeping until about 3am! I am hoping he will repeat this again tonight. Other exciting and unbelievable news is that he rolled over today! We put him on his mat for tummy time this evening and all watched as he gained momentum by rocking and then rolled to his back. We tried to see if he would do it a second time but no such luck. What a strong boy!

This picture makes me laugh - big eyes!


Amanda said...

What a handsome boy! You're gonna have to show me the choo choo poo poo dance someday.

Lindsay Wagner said...

Price just got so excited from seeing me today that he just had to ROLL over to show his excitement!!! SO great to see all 3 of you today!

the_wells said...

so fun - look how big he's getting!
it goes by so fast...
let's hang out soon - email me and let me know what your week looks like! maybe you guys can come over one afternoon after school?

cindy gatewood said...

Can I hear a "choo choo"?!! :)

Lulu & Paige

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