Thursday, June 14, 2012

6th Birthday!


My baby girl is 6 today.  You have been anticipating this one, and we have three days of celebration planned.  Last night was a trip to Benihana's and today was a date with me to the Museum of Natural Science.  Tomorrow is a swim party with friends.

My girl, you are a true piece of work.  You love pink (and turquoise now), high heeled shoes, arts and crafts, and your dolls.  You equally loves Star Wars, dinosaur exhibits, farm trips, and boogie boarding.  You have a thing for musicals and the Little House on the Prairie series.  In fact, you told me the other day that you want to be Laura Ingalls (or Skippy Jon Jones -"it's a tough decision") for Halloween.  I can go into your bedroom most any day and find about 30 books spread out all over your bed.  You have started reading simple books this year and love to read about nature, other countries, and animals.

You had a great year of school and are headed to Kindergarten in the fall.  You love school and especially love being with your friends.  I admire the ease in which you make friends and your ability to jump right into most things.

You have become a pretty good little gymnast this past year and were invited to take twice a week over the summer.  I love watching you enjoy yourself and your confidence grow with each new skill.  If you had it your way and if it weren't for mom and dad trying to keep life simple (chuckle), you'd be involved in every activity under the sun.

Little girl, your mom and dad think you are pretty cool.  I often times tell others that I don't know what I would do without you, and it's the truth.  Not only are you fun to be with on days when all the boys want to do is whine, but you are a pretty good diaper fetcher and stroller pusher as well.  I love hearing your thoughts about Jesus, life with a "special" brother and a "raging" one, and the Muppet characters (a new favorite this summer).

I can't get enough of your mile-long eyelashes and big brown eyes.  Time is flying.  I blinked and you are doing your own ponytails and flips into the pool.  I want to slow down and soak up every minute with your big 6 year-old self.

If I had to go around the world and pick one little girl to be mine, I'd pick you every time - no question. Happy 6th birthday Ellery Paige!  I love you.



Paige said...

I got teary! Elle- I LOVE being your Aunt. I loved every minute I got with you when you were just a little thing and love every moment I get to spend with you now. You add an extra amount of fun to every situation. You are so special. We love you!

cindy gatewood said...

Happy birthday sweet girl
Love you to the moon and back!


Katie said...

This is so sweet, Kristen. Love your sweet family, and sweet E!

Happy Birthday!


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