Monday, July 7, 2008

An announcement from Ellery

In case you didn't get that, we finally have a name for our baby boy! We have decided on PRICE NATHAN. It is a name we have liked since we found out I was pregnant, but we kept going back and forth between a few others. I think Ellery really made our decision for us though...we mentioned several possible names to her a couple months ago and "Price" just stuck. When we asked her what her baby brother's name was she would always reply, "Price." So that is what we are going with! Yesterday I ordered a monogrammed baby book for him, so I guess that makes it official. We are excited to meet our Price soon, and pray that he will be a healthy and happy little guy!


Kristyn said...

Aww, what a great name!!! Since having Preston I always like to hear other "P" names.

Ellery sounds so sweet saying it too!

Lindsay Wagner said...

Love it! I have been waiting for this post!

Donlee & Amanda said...

Super cute! Can't wait to meet the lil guy.

Tabaitha Kaye said...


cindy gatewood said...

Can't wait to meet Price!!
Ellery, you did a good job
announcing him :)


Smith Family said...

Love the name! Ellery is so cute! I am just getting started on this whole blogging thing...our site is I might need your help figuring this thing out! :)


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