Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Remembering summer {Part 2}

We all participated in Houston Project with our church.

Price did lots of wall standing!

We experimented with rollers and new hair do's

We took a trip to Sun Valley.  Nathan won dad of the year and floated Price around in the freezing water.
Street and Piper enjoyed the sand at Red Fish Lake.

Ellery learned how to ride her bike without training wheels!

We ate lots of good food.  Our favorite was Stanley Baking Co.

Sweet babies

Price and Street loved feeding the horses.  We were afraid they might mistake Street's  little head for a carrot.

We went hiking.
This boy loves all things outdoors.

Brothers throwing rocks

Street put on a performance with a nut and bolt he found.

We love Poppy.

Can I put him in one of these for time out?


Ellery loves the ice skating show.  She took an ice skating lesson this year and did great!

Price started bear crawling on the trip.  Yay!

We might need to get a horse for this boy one day.  Ha!
Love my sister.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Remembering Summer Part 1

celebrating 6
Last day of school pic with her teacher.  She was such a blessing to our family.
a girls trip to Galveston

the moms might have had the most fun
just a cute picture of my boy
trips to the lake
boat rides

everyone, including Street, rode the wave runners this year
Lots of time just spent at home playing
and more playing
a trip to a friend's ranch

the boy loves horses
more boating
and pool cleaning

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer interview with E

Ellery and and I made a list of about 18 things we wanted to do this summer.  We've marked off all but 4 and we've got less than 2 weeks to fit them in.  An interview is something I added to the list.  Here's my girl's answers.
Favorite color: aquamarine and turquoise  (aquamarine is on an episode of Blue's Clues that we have seen one too many times)
Favorite foods: besides desserts?  cupcakes and mango
Favorite person: God and Jesus
Favorite thing to do: go on vacation
Favorite person to spend time with: my mom and my dad
Favorite Friend: Ella and Madi Kate
Favorite thing to wear: long skirts
Favorite Toy: crafts and dollhouse and legos
Favorite thing about school last year:  being with all of my friends
Favorite thing to do with Mama: go to the library and just lay in bed and watch movies
Favorite thing to do with Dad: going to the movies and chuck e cheese
Favorite thing to do with Price:  love on him
Favorite thing to do with Street:  to think he's cute...squish his face
Favorite movie: Star Wars
Favorite place to visit: Idaho
Favorite Day of summer: my birthday - going to the dinosaur museum and titanic exhibit with mom
Favorite book: my Star Wars book
Favorite trip: when we go to Austin
Favorite day: my birthday
Worst day ever:  when I get in trouble
Something funny that happened to you: when me and Ella were in the car laughing
Something sad: when Empress (my mom's dog) and Papa died
Something happy: when I got my pet fish
What I’m most thankful for: to have a house
My favorite drink:  Sprite, and oh water

{dirt cupcakes were on our list too and we had fun making them today!}

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cool Summer

{Brooke Schwab}

We are enjoying our last weeks of summer.  It's been full of coolness (and I am definitely not talking about the temp) - trips, the lake, lazy days spent in our p.j.'s, new milestones, and therapy of course.  Lots of pictures to post and words to write.
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