Saturday, July 30, 2011

A recipe

We are figuring out how to do things gluten and dairy free over here. With two of my boys (Nathan and Price) sensitive to both, it's just better for everyone if we do most of our meals this way. Don't get me wrong, Ellery and I love us some bread and cheese. But for the most part, when we eat at home, I try to cook something we can all enjoy.

The kids (and Nathan) are on a waffle kick. And it's something I can prepare beforehand and make in a few minutes in the morning. (Which is a good thing because Price is out the door 3 mornings at 7:30am.)

Our waffles:

1 Cup Gluten free baking mix (we use Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix which I bought at Wholefoods. I am sure there are others that are similar.)

2 eggs

3/4 cup water

1 tbsp oil (we use grapeseed oil)

Pour into a waffle maker and you are done! So easy! We usually double the recipe and put it in this handy bottle and into the refrigerator for another morning.

The bottle is actually a cupcake mix pourer. My mom bought it for us and I found it so handy for our waffle mix instead. It has a little spout that you can't see in the picture.

Friday, July 29, 2011


We survived the casts this week! Price had casts put on by his PT on Monday and did great. He was so still during the casting process which was a huge blessing. He ate about 5 small packages of gummy bears and was a happy boy! I can't (and don't want to) imagine Street having to do the same thing.
At first, I don't think Price really cared too much about having them on, but then by the evening I could tell he was getting a little annoyed. But, like everything else Price has been through, he took it like a champ and found a way to get around despite the heavy stormtrooper boots he was wearing. (Ellery decided that they looked like stormtrooper boots and we kept telling Price how cool he was with his boots on.) We even let Ellery decorate them.

His casts will be made into boots that he can wear during PT to help him with his standing.

We are praising God that this is a step in the right direction...forward!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have come across some really good writing on disability. John Knight is the Sr. Director of Development at Desiring God, a ministry of John Piper's. He is the father of a son with a disability. He also writes for the Bethlehem Baptist Church disability ministry. Check it out here.

A few weeks ago he had a link to Justin Taylor's blog post, for The Gospel Coalition. It was a letter to a mom thinking about terminating her pregnancy because of a genetic condition that was discovered in utero. The letter really resonated with me. We never had one ultrasound that indicated that Price was anything but perfectly healthy and "normal". My pregnancy was a textbook one and delivery for that matter was too. I am thankful that we didn't have to go through what most likely would have been a scary pregnancy with all the unknowns and what-if's. I have friends that have discovered that the baby they were carrying was either most likely not going to survive at birth or was not going to be a "typical" developing child. They all handled the news with a grace and strength that I admired.

I love this letter to this mother especially because of what it says about suffering.
"It seems to be a foregone conclusion in our culture that preventing suffering is the highest goal, but I think we lose sight of the fact that sometimes in our lives the greatest blessings come to us after we have gone through the greatest suffering."

I can't imagine our lives without knowing the pain and joy that has come with being a mother to Price. The things that society would deem as imperfect in Price have become the exact qualities I cherish in our son. The so-called imperfections in my children are what make them who they are and that's a beautiful thing. It's definitely not all rosy all the time and I'm not trying to paint that picture. I have moments of sadness and wanting so badly for things to be easier for us and easier for Price. But, we can praise the Lord in it all.

{Another great blogger is also the father to an adopted son with a disability, Greg Lucas.}

As he passed by, he saw a man blind from birth. And his disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.” John 9:1-3

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Unloading the phone...

Price is working hard as usual at therapy. He is doing PT three times a week for the month of July. He had orthotics made that fit inside his shoes that will help his feet to not be so flat when he stands. The shoes that work the best with these new orthotics happen to be Air Jordan high-tops! He is also being casted on Monday for feet/ankle casts. I am not sure what the finished product is going to look like, but trust our PT, Irene, to make the right decisions for Pricey. He will wear the casts on both feet Monday through Wednesday and then get them removed. And as I understand, the casts will then be made into orthotics to give him extra support.
Eventually, he will get the more common orthotics (called AFO's) that will go up to his calves. Irene says that if he gets these now, it could cause some muscle atrophy. I don't even like typing that word atrophy. It's a bad word in our house.
Ellery is conducting class for the boys. She gets frustrated because they both have very limited attention spans. Street has started standing all by himself for about a minute at a time. It's pretty incredible to us.
We do this many, many times a day. As soon as I want to complain about not getting anything done, I remind myself that we are thankful Price is climbing the stairs. It's pure joy to see his smile when he accomplishes his goal and reaches the top. He is getting better everyday. I just have to be by him in case of an accidental fall backwards. His balance just isn't the greatest.
Looking like daddy. Climbing the stairs with a messy face.
We visited the Children's Museum last week. This is Ellery in Mexico I think.
And a couple weeks ago, we participated in Houston Project with our church. Ellery attended a VBS while Nathan and I "worked". My job was running the snow cone stand. Not sure how that really impacted the Kingdom of God but I did love seeing and talking to the little ones who were so excited about a snow cone. Oh, and Ellery thought my job was seriously cool.

Ellery had a hard day yesterday and we were talking about our hearts. She busts out with a great analogy. She said something like - Adam and Eve had white hearts until they disobeyed God by eating an apple they were not supposed to. Their hearts then turned black. Then, Jesus came and died on the cross for our sins. His red blood washed our hearts and turns them back to white.

She had learned this from her VBS teacher during Houston Project. I love that she hid that in her little heart and was able to tell me about it a few weeks later.

Well, that's our last couple of weeks in phone pictures! I am hoping to sit down and blog more next week! Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A visit to Big D

I just got back from a mini-vacation. Street and I went to Southlake to keep my sister's little girl, Piper, while her parents went to a marriage conference at their church. It was so relaxing, and would have been close to perfect if Street would have actually slept at night. He was up every 4 hours every night eating. It felt like we had reverted back to newborn territory and I am hoping it was just the unfamiliar pack and play, and that we get back on schedule now that we are home. My mom came too, and we ventured out and explored the Southlake Town Center and even Ft. Worth! My mom spoiled the kids with some adorable new clothes that will be perfect for the fall. I loved getting to love on Piper and also loved getting to give my undivided attention to Streeter. One is a breeze! I wasn't sure what to do with myself and my free time.

Nathan took Ellery and Price to Arlington to stay with his parents at their new casa. While mom was away, they had a great time checking out places like Legoland, the Aquarium, and the Ft. Worth zoo. Ellery had Bebe doing multiple art projects and Price was busy exploring and climbing stairs at their house. Yes, he's stair climbing. There is a lot of grunting and hard work, but he manages to make it to the top! And when he reaches the top, he turns around, looks at us, and smiles so big. He's so proud of himself! This boy is not lacking in determination and perseverance, thank the Lord! Price also decided to throw his shoe out of the moving train at the zoo over the weekend. It wouldn't have been such a big deal, but these brand new shoes have brand new orthotics in them. Nathan had to reach out and grab the shoe on the train ride back. Dad saved the day!

After our car ride home tonight, I have vowed not to drive to Dallas ever again until it's bedtime. Our littlest guy had a rough ride home. And that is an understatement. To give him a little credit, he did miss all of his naps today, went to a new church nursery, and was up "partying" the night before around 10:30pm.

I was able to meet up with my dear friend LeighAnne while in Southlake, and it was so much fun to get to catch up. We both have added two more kids since we last saw each other. I met Leigh on bid night in college and she has proven herself to be one of the most loving, fun, down-to-earth, and laid back girls I know. And she just happens to live about 3 minutes away from my sister. I am a little jealous!

A highlight of our trip was reuniting and attending Bebe and Pop's church, First Baptist Arlington. It was wonderful getting to meet so many of their friends and church family. I appreciate every one of you who went out of your way to make us feel welcome, help us with our "unique" childcare arrangements, and speak such kind words. Bebe always tells me that so many of her friends and fellow church members are praying for us and specifically for Price, and meeting some of you just meant the world to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly hope our church treats visitors the way that you do! It really made a lasting impression on me.

Our phone pics from the weekend:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

9 months

I remembered about 5 minutes before bedtime that we needed to take Street's 9 month pictures. Month 8 got away from me...oops. Here's what Streeter boy is up to:

At 9 months Street:
- is still very bald and toothless

- is taking 2 really good naps

- is sleeping through the night for the most part but still wakes up to nurse usually right about when my head hits the pillow

- crawls everywhere

- pulls up everywhere and started climbing the stairs

- will eat anything and I can't count the amount of times I have to swipe things out of his mouth that he picks up off the floor

- claps, still does his touchdown trick, dances, and loves to blow raspberries (especially when he hears a similar for example when E let out a little gas the other night)

- has to be pinned down to get his diaper or clothes changed

- loves to be on-the-go and literally never stops moving

- says mama, dada, baba, nana, and other amazing baby babble that blows me away

- keeps life interesting and fun and crazy all at the same time

This past month we have been amazed at the way Street and Price interact. Street will do something and Price will watch him so closely and try to imitate him when it comes to standing up or crawling. It breaks my heart a little to watch Street do something so effortlessly (like climbing the stairs...he decided to do it and he did on the first try) and then watch Price work so hard and struggle to do the exact same thing. Nathan always reminds me that Price does and will do things that Street can't and I know this, but my mama's heart still aches at times. Still, Street developing so typically is just a huge blessing and we are thankful. It has been somewhat healing for me to watch and care for him and just enjoy him.

Happy 9 months Street!

Friday, July 8, 2011

A new do

Ellery saw a friend at church with a cute, short haircut and asked if she could get something similar. I thought she would just forget about it, but that's all she asked about Monday morning. They had an appointment that day and she was so excited! After her hair was cut she exclaimed, "I feel like a whole new person." She told me she wanted to send her ponytail to kids that need hair. I checked into Locks of Love and it says the pony must be 10 inches, and I am not sure hers is quite that long. I might just send it anyway.

I must say it has made swimming and showering and getting ready in the morning a breeze.

(these phone pics aren't awesome...I must be the only one in town who still has the old I-phone.)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th

Some images from our 4th photo session!
the twins

cousin time!
price is not digging this...he'd rather be on the boat
street, on the other hand, turns on the picture-taking charm
sweet sweet piper lou
Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th! We came home last night and watched the downtown fireworks from our car, which was a treat. (We weren't expecting any with the Texas burn ban.)
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