Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Princess breakfast

I think I have two more Disney posts, and I will be done! One morning we had reservations at Ariel's Grotto for a breakfast with the princesses. It was so much fun and quite the ordeal. Each princess was announced, her theme song came on, and then she proceeded to every table to talk with the guests. They were all so sweet and really took their time with Ellery, letting her ask questions and posing for pictures.

talking to Belle telling her that she dressed up as her yesterday

Her favorite princess Aurora. One of Ellery's questions to Aurora was, "How do you get the sweaters on the owls?!"

Snow White

Cinderella. Ellery was a little distracted because they were announcing another princess entering the room. Ellery also told Cinderella that she is not her favorite princess.

And Ariel
Oh, and I have to mention that Lulu got teary-eyed when they began announcing the princesses and queuing the music! The magic of Disney!


Amanda said...

Laughing so hard about poor Cinderella. So funny! These pictures are so great.

thesapp4 said...

Tell Lulu I understand! I teared up so many times when we were at Disneyworld and DisneyParis. It is so magical and so happy! I love it when they play "When You Wish" and the other music over the loud speakers in the park. I love Disney!

It looks like Ellery had a great time. Lauren loves looking at her pictures.

Tiffany said...

LOL...poor Cinderella! At least she has one HUGE fan...MK!

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