Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our priceless Pricey

Price will be 9 months tomorrow, on Nathan and I's 5th wedding anniversary! I cannot believe he is already 9 months!

What can I say about Price except that he is a JOY. I can honestly say that I wasn't so sure about having a boy because for goodness sakes, what does one do with a boy? My family sure doesn't know! All we know are girls. I am still not completely sure what to do with a boy, but I am quickly learning that they are the sweetest, most lovable little things on this earth. I am smitten with my little man, as all my mommy friends of boys said I would be.

Price's smile lights up a room. My mom commented that when Price smiles, his eyes light up as well, and she is right. He has a contagious and manly little laugh. All I have to do is say, "Uh-oh!" and he chuckles. He is such a social guy. If I'm having a conversation with someone, he usually looks right at the other person and utters a "Ga", as if to say hello and include me! Perhaps his favorite person is his sister. When he hears Ellery's voice, he immediately watches her every move. Even though she gets in his face and plays a little rough sometimes with him, he could care less. He adores his big sister and seems so eager to be running and playing with her. They already are playing "screaming" games, seeing who can make the loudest noise.

Price is requiring a little extra attention these days. He has physical therapy twice a week as well as speech therapy twice a week to help him with his motor skills. He is having some muscle tone weakness, which from all my research is common with his little head condition. We have seen two pediatric neurologists over the past two months who have examined our baby and given us excellent reports. My life has drastically changed (as well as Ellery's) because we spend almost every day of the week at a physical therapy center. In fact, Ellery wakes up most days and says, "We are taking Pricey to ther-a-py today." She loves it because she reaps the rewards of his hard work. Price's PT always brings out a lollipop or gum for Ellery. I have met so many new moms at therapy and consider them all my heroes. Some have been bringing their kids there for years. Moms are amazing.

Price is making so much progress and decided that he would officially sit up by himself today. He could sit up for brief periods before now, but wasn't quite sure how to prop his big body with his arms. Well, I guess he decided at 9 months he is finally ready!

Today we had an ENT appointment and found out he will be getting ear tubes next Friday. He has so much fluid build-up in his ears, which is causing him to not hear clearly and be prone to ear infections. Poor dude!

Pricey Ricey, we adore you and think you are the best. For such an easy-going and happy baby, you have turned into Mr. High-Maintenance, but we wouldn't trade it for the world. As I kneel beside your bed and pray for you every night, I am so thankful that I get to be the mama of one sweet little boy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

It's officially summer!

Poppy's girl

Mema and Papa and their great-grandkids

After a while, Price would just lay back in his float and wanted me to hand-feed him puffs...what a life!

Happy boy!

Marshmallow boy!

He lasted a whole 2 minutes on the boat...the noise and motion put him right to sleep

Ellery really was happy...just too busy to pose for pics

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake, loving every minute of it! Ellery could barely sleep the night before we left and her first word the next morning was, "Austin!" Price had not been to Austin since Hurrication of 2008, when he was not even a month old. While I miss that little baby, I was extremely happy to be sleeping all night while we were there this time around.

My grandparents were visiting from Kansas and so we enjoyed spending some time with them. Ellery greeted both of them with hugs and kisses the minute we arrived. She really is a social butterfly, much more social than I was at her age as my mom keeps reminding me. Ellery had Poppy's full attention all weekend, helping drive the boat, swimming, and having a nap/bedtime partner! She is loving the pool, and getting braver and braver in the water. In fact, she was able to swim the entire width of the pool all by herself.
Price just smiled his way through the weekend. Have you noticed that his helmet is gone? We finally got to retire the helmet last week. The time actually flew by and we are very glad we went through with it. Price enjoyed the pool, took a great nap the entire boat ride, and just chilled as usual. He has become really interested in the food we are eating and enjoyed nibbling on some "table food" in addition to his baby food.
We came home late Monday, after a sun-filled day. We had run out of diapers and so Price had to ride home in a pink Dora pull-up. We put Ellery in a pull-up too and told her before we left Austin that we needed to make sure and change her into a diaper when we get home (pull-ups don't always cut it for her at night). Her memory is amazing. She is always remembering little details of places we have been before or things we have done, and if she is in a new place she usually comments, "I've never been here before." Okay, so we get home really late and she is sound asleep. As Nathan is carrying her upstairs, she lifts her head up off his shoulder and whispers, "Remember dad, I need a diaper.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Loving bananas

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birthday Weekend

the girls at the spa

Dinner out at Eddie V's

the cake was amazing and so pretty

beautiful flowers

pictures galore - everyone commented on how much my pictures looked liked Ellery - I love that she is my mini-me

this picture doesn't even do the decorations justice - Nathan went all out

I had a wonderful birthday weekend in Austin. Thursday night, the girls drove up to Austin and then we enjoyed a full spa day at Lakehouse Spa. I have never done a complete spa day and so this was such a treat. We had a lovely lunch at the spa and even enjoyed some time at the pool. I am not lying when I say I could barely talk that night - I was just THAT relaxed. The husbands drove up on Friday and when we arrived home, Nathan had done some serious decorating. It was super sweet and thoughtful. He had blown up pictures of me from the past 30 years and even brought a helium tank with him so that he could blow up tons of balloons. He had dinner waiting for us at the house as well as a delicious birthday cake. It was a fun night with close friends, even though the girls were kind of party poopers and decided to hit the sack early. The spa had done us in.

Saturday we woke up to cloudy weather that turned into stormy weather and rain all day. We were a little disappointed that we weren't going to get to spend the day on the lake boating and soaking up the sun. What's a girl to do for backup? Shopping, of course. After lunch, the girls hit up some fun shops in Austin. The boys went and bought a Wii to keep them entertained and then finally got to take the boat and jet skis out for a little bit. We got dressed up for dinner at Eddie V's and were going to go out afterwards, but a certain newly 30-year old forgot her ID. I mean seriously, are people really still carding me? So, instead we went back to the lake house and stayed up into the morning hours talking, laughing, and hot-tubing. It was perfect.

Sunday we all got up (late I might add) and headed home to our much-missed little ones. I have the best friends and husband and they made this birthday so special and fun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birth and Pet Days

I realize I have been on a blogging hiatus as of late. I promise to do better. Here is a quick post before my busy birthday weekend that I will blog about soon.

This is my birthday present from my mom. It is the dress I came home in from the hospital 30 years ago! Wow. My mom had great taste even in the 70's. I will treasure this forever. My dad gave me a beautiful bracelet that I just adore too.

Last night Nathan brought home a "Colby" cake as an early birthday treat. Ellery thought it was so funny, and the three of us enjoyed some yummy pre-birthday celebration.

Speaking of Colby, Ellery had Pet Day at school on Wednesday. I was a little nervous about her taking him, because he has been known to show his teeth at other animals and little ones. Nathan took him on a leash and he did great. Nathan said Ellery was so proud to walk her dog down the sidewalk and let all of her friends get a good look at him. He even showed off some of his skills - sitting and laying down. What a good boy! Ellery brought him home a ribbon and said he was voted "Cutest Ears"!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Pictures

We had some pictures taken last week by Mackenzie. She always does such a wonderful job and gets great pictures, even if the shoot only lasts 20 minutes due to rain and a toddler meltdown.

I think Ellery looks so grown up and dainty in these pictures. And I also think Price looks HUGE in these pictures. I mean he is practically as big as E in the ones of them together. In fact, she had a hard time holding him! I also think he has the BEST smile I have ever seen.
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